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My Published Second Book "Xzendor7 Fractal Art Compositions Volume II": http://www.xzendor7.com/books-xzendor7.php

My name is Rolando Burbon and I Go by the pen name Xzendor7. Currently my main focus is creating fractal images with a twist, in that I create multiple fractal elements and then I build fantasy, sci-fi and epic looking art scenes using the generated fractal elements.

I term my creations Fractal Art Compositions since it generally takes a dozen or more fractals to create a scene.

The resulting look is that of a painting with visual forms that spur the imagination.

The phrase I like to use is for my work is "A New Vision In Fractal Art Imagery", since I'm taking 2D fractal generated elements and creating 3D looking scenes.

My tools of choice are the GPU based Fractron 9000 fractal generator and the Photo Elements Image editor.

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