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Dark, gloomy, black and white female nude in bed, about solitude, loneliness, and a state of ache in the body and the soul.
Original: Analog photography.

black & white nude analog photography
portrait of a girl in profile, staring at a window

Yelena K. Sayko has uploaded corner

Black & white nude analog photography
naked girl in a corner, bricks, ruins

Yelena K. Sayko has uploaded vertigo

Black & white analog photography

Girl at the fence on a window.
Nude analog photography, black and white.

Black and white analog nude photography, girl standing at a door.

stone stairway overgrown with plants
analog photography

Yelena K. Sayko has uploaded rainy day

weather photography

analog photography of empty cups

snow on stairs, winter
analog photography

ship on a river in a snowy day
analog photography

colorful picture
analog photography

girl holding snow in her hands with black nails
analog photography

Yelena K. Sayko has uploaded black cat

Flori die Shwabbbbelkatze schläft gerne in der Sonne
analog photography
black cat on red

Yelena K. Sayko has uploaded half full

the glass of life is half full! celebrate life and take a sip!
analog photography

for the last time ever she saw him carried away by a moonlight shadow...
picture of a sleepless nigh
analog photography

Yelena K. Sayko has uploaded breeze

digital photography of the breeze you can feel in the evening at the beach...

original source: silkscreen