Yoel Bordas

Yoel Bordas

Artist born in 1980, lives and works in Dominican Republic. Graduated from Altos de Chavon School of Design in 2003.

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This trucks are more big than the trees on the backround, is almost scary :)

No trees just concrete in a sunny island called Dominican Republic

What is this all about, making buildings with concrete that uses river sands to make the compound and its destroying them, also trees are cut for more space leaving the streets without shadows.

Working scenario in the Dominican Republic. A lot of buildings coming up! But the economy is kind of lame.

I love how the colors shine in the Dominican Republic

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Santo domingo is a continuously growing and the cityscape is full of new buildings. The intense sun make me wonder if people are going to continue tearing down trees to make another concrete building.

This is a painting i made sitting down in the street, feeling the hot concrete of the caribean.

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So Fresh, its even cool!

Every saturday i ate spaghettis at my mothers house. We had the same menu every weekend. It was great eating it. Still we have that tradition and i dont even know what triggers it.

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Lust auf Leben -
Fotos aus sinnlichem Erleben -
laut und leise -
sinnig und hintersinnig -
Hingabe und Reflektion -
Lust und Wonne -
Schmerz und Schrei -
normal und jenseits des Gewohnten -
mit Lust und Freude -

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Muse for our music

Reportage illustration of the Statue of Colombus in Santo Domingo, First Capital of America

Girl sitting with a laptop

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Reportage illustration in santo domingo

Girl riding a bike while cars are behind her, she has preference on the streets

transit and city loudness represented here with advertisments on the streets selling thing, while people just try to grab a cab to go to their home.

The girl is impersonating a cat while she dances and the boy is impersonating a bear

This illustration is about going from a city to the nature, running and transforming into another human being that carries less wardrobes and feels free from the city

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Reportage illustration in situ of a merchant in the streets of the sunny santo domingo