Yulia Adreyeva

Yulia Adreyeva

Hey there! I'm designer from Ukraine, working as freelancer. Always open to interesting projects, just let me know ;)
You may visit my blog - http://ayulka.blogspot.com/

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D.B.Waterman is a pseudonym of me, my real name is Ans de Bie. My education I received at the Art Academy in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Please visit and like my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/dbWatermanInterior?ref=hl

I work on paper and canvas, in pencil, watercolor, oil and acrylic, often in combination. Meanwhile I also work a lot with ink and stamping techniques. With these means I create diverse work, from cheerful nursery art to dark urban art. And everything in betweenthere. I started taking pictures in the analogue era. Self development and printing in my darkroom. For several years I have been working with digital photography. Evolved from photographing my own paintings. At this time I combine photography especially with art.
The most fascinating subject for me is man.
Everything to do with taking pictures of people I find interesting; portraits, groups, crowds etc. People are at their best when they are not aware of themselves

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Hi! My name is Kotryna, aka KATA. I am developing my small illustration business KATA KIOSK and you can see how it goes at www.katakiosk.lt , also you can take a look to my professional portfolio at www.kata-illustration.com, or blog at www.kata-illustration.blogspot.com

I'm looking for a Representative for editorial commissions for British/European/North America market and you can contact me at katrez (@) gmail.com

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Chilean Illustrator / artist
* Follow me on twitter for new work updates! @fabciraolo
* http://fabianciraolo.blogspot.com

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We are artshop77 – We are a team of two artists, based near Munich, Bavaria. We like colors and canvas. Our art focuses on the translation of memories, views into forms and colors. We love landscapes and cityscapes, light effects and reflections.
Our recent works is primarily the translation of memories, landscapes, cityscapes during travels we did in the last few years. We hope you enjoy them. Our art is also available as original handpainted and unique artwork. Please contact us for any inquiries. We speak German, English, Spanish and French.

We both are born in 1977 and if you would like to contact us, please do not hesitate:

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~anything can happen in a world that holds such beauty~ Peter S. Beagle


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Studium: Bauingenieurwesen, Architektur und Kunst der Moderne. II

Bisherige Veröffentlichungen:



- Merian
- Messe München
- UniCredit
- Expo Real
- Knaus Tabbert II
- wordpress II
- Stern.de II
- Hamburger Abendblatt online II
- respublica II
- fotocommunity [plus]

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Independent Illustrator currently living in Rome, Italy.

Mail: rebecca.g86@bluewin.ch

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Jana Fak is young visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Born in Maribor, Slovenia but living in Neu-Ulm, Germany for 2 years. She likes to play with drawing and computer backgrounds. There's no limit in her imagination
of colours, shapes and patterns. Her motives are most people
or animals.She likes to give them some humen character.Jana is mostly inspired from her life, music and lyrics. She also often use some parts from lyrics as a background story of her Art.

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Alan Copson is a professional travel photographer based just outside London.

With the London 2012 Olympics fast approaching, Alan's London Picture Project is producing some beautiful images. A selection are available to purchase here.

Please visit www.LondonPictureProject.com for his London blog.

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Seit 2008 arbeite ich als freiberufliche Illustratorin.
Ich lebe und arbeite in Schöneck.

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Adela creates illustrations and communicative designs that are appreciated for pleasantness in aesthetic presentation and problem solving qualities.
Not just a plain image creator, she is all about finding a harmony between image and design elements, such as color, shape, text, and hierarchy. The result is a set of decorative, figurative, and visually pleasing communication devices that gives fresh solutions to the challenge and refuses to adhere to one style (yet still consistent).

Adela is open for commissions. When she is not sketching or making art works, she enjoys reading wedding blogs, food blogs, or plan a perfect adventure to somewhere she has never been to.