Zuzana Petrakova

Zuzana Petrakova

Devoting myself to art since early childhood, I found in it a way of connecting with my inner self. Art brings a possibility of creating new based on what is deep within us and communicating it to others via broad language of symbols.

Art helps us to express, harmonize as well as form what is only guessed. In my paintings I try to go beyond what is actual to discover new hope, something beautiful and pure, that enables one to go further in his life with clear mind and soul, enlightened. I would like to spread this vision because happiness is only real when it’s shared:)

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Zuzana Petrakova has uploaded Play

Acrylic abstraction painting on theme of play, enhanced with gold color and black graphical lines

When the first orange sunrays mix with the gentle blue sky, one still dreams while being awaken

Landscape abstraction, vivid colors seen on the horizon playful under the light seen from above... beautiful light and dark contrast

Zuzana Petrakova has uploaded Bubbles

Abstraction painting - bubbles
dynamic in pink and turquoise
combination visualizing liquid
motion. Painting is acrylic on
canvas, size 30x40cm

Zuzana Petrakova has uploaded Tree

Expressionist painting

abstract expression painting