Zuzanna Orzel

Zuzanna Orzel

Zuzanna Orzel also known as Iro - she was born in 1989 in Poland. Third year student of Cultural Studies at the University of Silesia in Katowice. The author of numerous short stories, poems and art-works in a collage technique. Her works were included in the collage-zine 'Collagista!' (issue six, August-September 2010) and as a cover (issue five, June-July 2010). Her works were also exhibited at the special collage exhibition in Canberra, at the ANU School of Art (May 2011).

Interest in Japanese Culture and Polish literature has created in her a passion for writing haiku poetry. From 2009 she started illustrated her poems in a collage technique and translated. She wished that interest people in this form of literature, where in a minimalist way we can so much describe and show.

Originally, in her collages she used mainly the dried plants and various types of paper. With time she began to broaden the scope of the materials she have used for paper napkins, the remnants of threads, laces and materials, beads, feathers, illustrations from old books, etc. In other words, she use everything that other people deem worthy of unnecessary and discard. Through this she changed the style, but also the colorurs and subjects of her works.

Despite the gradual evolution and change, her collages were always accompanied by seventeenth-syllable haiku in Polish. All works were performed on a vertically arranged cardboard in postcard size and consistsed of only a few elements. For now, she don't intend to change this - too big space of creative execution and accumulation of materials, in her opinion, argue with the philosophy of simplicity, which haiku imposes.

"Why haiku?" you ask. The answer is simple. Nowadays, in continuous pursuit of something vague, hardly to find a time for poetry. Haiku, by it's brevity of form and breadth of meaning and the transmission may be the future for poetry, that with no trouble you can even send by SMS.

more at: www.wrzosowata-iro.deviantart.com

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