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Typography Posters

Typography is the using of letters to create art. So how do you create art with what has been typed or written? This is done through the arrangement of the written letters in such a way that they will be visible to a person trying to read. Your handwriting could be so bad but unknown to you is creating art. Most people can write but what makes the writing classify as art is the way the artist will use different colour sources e.g. ink and paint to portray his message.

Messages and advertising

A typography poster can be used to send a message to someone. A poster message especially if in use with younger people will more often than not contain rhetoric and funny quotes which will incorporate unique typography designs. A poster message will no doubt be a statement about the person’s self. A poster can also be used to advertise yourself and your services. You could use typography to create your business name and your services and then replicate it to your posters which does the speaking for you.

Canvas print and art print

You can have a typographic message written in form of a canvas print and art print. If you want, you can also get a framed art that can be hung for display. Our online shop also provides you with solutions as we have a vast collection of typography art.