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Washington DC Posters

Washington DC is the capital city of the United States of America. It needs little introduction, as the city has been featured on a multitude of framed art, canvas print and art print products. It is also one of the US cities to be featured extensively on worldwide broadcasted TV shows and films, so, of course, everyone is familiar with it. The city definitely has its share of poster worthy landmarks, one of which, most definitely has to be the White House.

Washington DC – a staple of democracy

A tour of Washington DC cannot miss the US capitol. A visit here, real or virtual has to pay homage to this symbol of freedom and power. The Washington DC area is always a great place to take your pick at what you want to see or do. How about the Jefferson Memorial or the Lincoln Memorial? Poster collections have always been diverse when featuring the city’s many interesting locations. And, the poster range of Washington DC can also take into account the many levels of human constructions and involvement. On one hand, there are the simple joys of discovering the Washington DC many restaurants, each with its own history and poster like quality, and, on the other, there are the interesting historically important buildings.

Washington DC – America’s legacy

Washington DC is indeed a cradle of American culture. A poster can use that to create many beautiful views of the city, each with its own appeal. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, as long as you want to experience the city you have all it takes in order to do it, by starting a Washington DC poster collection. However, a live visit can be just as satisfying.