charlotte oedekoven

Charlotte Jane Oedekoven was born November 7th 1983 in Edmonton, Canada. A few years later the family moved to Munich, Germany. Very soon she demonstrated a great passion and talent for drawing and was sent to art school at the early age of 8, doing her first oil painting at 9 years. In 2003 she graduated from School and continued in for Art History at the University of Munich for 2 years. Charlotte decided to go into design, since she always had a strong passion for architecture and interior design as well, so she went North Western Germany for a one year program, studying Graphic-, Product- and Interior Design. During this year she applied at the Zurich University of Art and Design (ZHDK) and was excepted. She moved to Switzerland in 2006 and did her BFA in Scenographical Design. After graduating in 2009 Charlotte travelled to Miami. Her portfolio has grown immensely since then and her style has taken its own direction as a lively mix of street- urban pop art, pop surrealism and comic, mostly using acrylics, spray paint and mixed media. Besides her paintings Charlotte still draws a lot. In 2011 she illustrated the children`s book "Charlotte`s phantastische Geschichten", which is being published in germany, switzerland and austria and is working on her own comic book at the moment. She also made Illustrations for WWF Switzerland, which were published in 08-09. Her art work is currently being shown at Gallery 212 in the Miami art district and finding great recognition.

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