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  • February 24, 2017 Interview with Ben Aslett
    Please welcome Ben Aslett, illustrator living in Devon, whom we chose as an interview partner this week. His illustrations are simple, yet expressive: Little characters with oversized heads working at their computers, driving their cars or jogging around town, literally keeping their inner clockwork busy. On our ARTFLAKES blog he explains when and why he […] show more
  • © Phil Jones Many cities of this world are full to the brim with leaflets – here in Berlin it may happen that you cannot see the electrical cubicle or traffic light due to mountain of posters and stickers anymore. Most of them are looking for the same: Cat runaway, dog escaped, laptop left in […] show more
  • February 17, 2017 Interview with Anne Siems
    In 1991, having graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Berlin, Anne Siems moved to Seattle – where she still lives. For our series of intervies we invited her to a virtual cup of tea and talked about her work. In the beginning she created her pictures – which were mostly inspired by medical […] show more