Animals - Posters and Art Prints

One of the biggest ARTFLAKES-Collections is the Animal-Collection that provides numerous motifs from the animal kingdom. The images will not only fascinate keen animal fans, but as well people that didn't deal with animals that much yet. A poster or an art print with a frame of 100% authentic wood with one of our great animal motifs are a wonderful decoration for your home.

Big diversity in our Animals-Collection

There are images from lazy chameleons, lively hummingbirds and elegant big cats. It's hard to stop looking at these amazing images. Especially photographic images from the underwater world can help to understand the creatures living under water that are too little explored, but very impressive. It is interesting that children really like to be around animals. A poster or an art print can arrange a kid's room in a very colorful and friendly way. Like that children might raise a lot of interest in the realm of nature and the animal kingdom. Discover these wonderful collections and enjoy the animal world.

Animals as Canvas, Gallery Print and Greeting Cards

A very special gift for an animal lover and friend can be a high-quality canvas or gallery print as they are very noble and precious. Of course it is as well a very inventive gift for friends and family. In great demand are our animals motifs as well as greeting cards – everyone loves images from cute kittens or puppies. But not only these motifs are much asked for as posters, very popular are as well following categories:

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