Floral & Botanical

Floral & Botanical - Posters and Art Prints

One of our most popular categories is related to nature. Flowers and plants provide beautiful, colorful and impressive motifs. They are perfect motifs for all of our products. Enjoy our collections and decorate your walls with our floral motifs.

Your favorite flower as a poster

As there is a wide range of divers floral and botanical species it can be hard to choose one of the motifs. Whether you are looking for images from sunflowers, roses or cacti, on ARTFLAKES you will find everything that your heart is longing for. Floral images look very good in your bedroom, where they spread a relaxed and moony atmosphere. Images from the aspen tree or the fern look good as well in the bathroom where they let the room appear in a fresh and shiny way. High-quality poster and art prints bring you the desired atmosphere into your home. Further amazing motifs for the different rooms of your house you find in the collections that are composed for that special purpose:

Floral & botanical canvas art, gallery prints and greeting cards

Not only posters or art prints, but also canvas and gallery prints can dress up your home. Due to the acrylic glass that provides an excellent brilliance, the floral and botanical motifs come into their own perfectly. In particular as a gift they can give a lot of pleasure to family and friends. Also greeting cards with floral and botanical motifs are a real eye-catcher.

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