Georgian Constantin

I'm in love with Photoshop since 7.0 and with my Nikon F80 since 2003. We're like a big, happy family. Well, not that big, but quite happy, that's for sure.
I'm from Romania, and I work as a freelancer and article author, even though I graduated Psychology [but that's another story].

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Photographer in my free time. My interest in photography started about 5 years ago, when my parents bought a digital camera, a compact one.
I started taking photos, snapshots in beginning. Then I discovered Photoshop. I found out that I liked playing with the colors a lot.
In 2008's winter I decided to buy a camera of my own. So I bought a Nikon D40. And started experimenting with it. I came to enjoy photography even more. At the same time, I started experimenting with other kinds of photography as well.
Right now I'm into portraits. I obviously have lots to learn concerning this type of photography. But I will do my best. I'm planning on buying a new lens for improving my portrait skills.

This is a painting I made a while ago. It's on paper, using watercolors. It's great for an art print, poster or postcard. Framed or not. Or printed on canvas, that should look nice.

Very zen mood picture, with a seagull caught in plain air. It's taken with a Nikon D3000 in the park near my place. It fits in any environment, and calms you down on sight :) Beautiful shot.

Picture of a friend, taken with my Nikon F80. Very beautiful picture, subtle and delicate. It fits on any kind of wall, personal space, club, coffee shop, tea shop, exhibition, etc. Beautiful.

It's my neighbor's cat. She was a cute and funny little fellow. And pretty friendly one, too. I took pictures of this cat until my neighbor moved out. It's a pretty dark mood picture, but it catches your eye. For those who love black cats.

Picture taken with my Nikon F80, on a trip to the faraway Bucharest, in a park. It's a zen mood picture, suitable for any room and environment. I believe it has the effect of calming people.

Picture taken in a park, with my Nikon F80. It's a peacock, of course. I have the color version as well, you only have to ask for it. It's a nice picture, if you ask me. It's suitable for almost any environment.

Picture taken with my Nikon F80, on a Fujifilm 100. This image looks great on a club wall, or a tobacco shop wall, in your room, on your door, almost anywhere. It's a quite nice picture.

Picture taken one cold winter morning, with my Nikon F80. The beauty of this still nature took my breath away. It's a zen mood picture, that looks good in any format and anywhere, be it home wall (bedroom, living room), office, tea shop, coffee shop, etc.

Picture taken one night in the park, with a Nikon D3000. Dark and eerie mood, great for a poster on a door or on a teenager bedroom wall.

Zen mood picture. Taken with a Nikon D3000. Looks great on a wall, at home, at your office or almost anywhere else.