„Landscape Described (1963)“

aus der Galerie von Mati Klarwein
Über dieses Bild:

"Ramon Llull, our local 14th century mystic of Mallorca, had a vision, not far from this beach, of a bush whose leaves were inscribed in Hebrew writing. The bush is still there, and so are the letters, strange little signs, some indeed look Hebrew embossed on the back of the leaves. I, however, saw the entire coast one sunny afternoon, composed of Hebrew texts and for two most probable reasons:

1) Too much Bible class in my Jerusalem school days.

2) I had ingested a wild dose of Expresso Bongomaumau that day, which altered my state of consciousness for a while. Later I decided to paint both versions: before and after. The only trouble is that I can't remember which is which."

From 1000 Windows.

Mische Technique (layers of oil and tempera on primed canvas)  80 x 112 cm

Bildnummer: 160c676
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