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On the banks of the Rhine, next to a big rock is the statue of Lorelei beautiful, mysterious siren who beckons with whispers to mariners making them crash into the rocks. The place is a must for tourists visiting the area of the castles of the Rhine in Germany and all are impression by the beauty of sculpture. Sections covered with rocks, ledges, and shallow water areas with a current combined make this a dangerous place. The Rhine is an important flow of water, and over the centuries many sailors, especially the unsuspecting, have lost their lives there.
Lorelei was an immortal water nymph; daughter of the Rhine (Rhein), during the day living in the cool depths of the river bottom, but at night it appeared in the light of the moon, sitting atop a rocky pinnacle. Sometimes, the night wind carried her song to passing boats. Oblivious to time, listening to these enchanted songs sailors let themselves be dragged into the sharp and jagged rocks, to perish.
It says only one person saw Lorelei closely. It was a young fisherman of Oberwesel, who met with her every night on the banks of the river and spent a delightful hour with her, intoxicated by her beauty and seductive songs. Tradition says that before they separated, Lorelei told him the places where the young man should cast his fishing nets, always providing good results.
One night, the young fisherman was seen heading toward the river, but disappeared without a trace. His fellow fishermen believe that Lorelei took him to her coral caves to be with him forever.

Glass micro mosaic artwork.

Bildnummer: c200c59

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