„Snake nest“

aus der Galerie von diana saidova
Über dieses Bild:

Drawn to the Light, yet consuming the Brightness.
Blind at Night, with no forgiveness or kindness.
Drawn to fear and Desperation.
Blindly watching each move, word and Touch.

Drowning within our perverseness
......showing nothing but Remorse.

Whispering temptation, Lust and complications
Beneath one’s glance, Her grasp is your command.  Paralyzed and frozen within...struggling to escape the Demons den.  Your body is just intoxicated.  Your movements are Heavy.  Your head is spinning.    Whispering voices tempt you to stay, as the night fades away.  In dawn your soul is lost, entangled in a Shadow world.    As the clouds move so does your Energy...  ...slowly...moving...escaping  Yet you just crawl back...  back into the Den...  ...back with the Snakes.... their Nest.  DS'13

Bildnummer: 22abf6f
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