„View of the Blasket Islands“

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The Great Blasket Island, the most westerly point in Europe, is the largest of a group of islands located 3 miles off the tip of the Dingle Peninsula Gaeltacht, 13 kilometers west of Dingle town. In the past few years a number of the houses on the island have been restored and amenities provided for visitors to the island. There are six main islands, plus some rocky islets and sea stacks. The Great Blasket Island, separated from the mainland by the Blasket Sound, is by far the largest of the islands and rises to 292 m above sea level. Inishtooskert, Inishnabro, Inishvickillane and Tearaght Island are located to the West and South West of the Great Blasket, and, with the main island, rise steeply from the sea. In contrast, the remaining island Beginish is a small, low-lying island, its green plateau used as a source of fodder for livestock.

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