Jesús De León

Jesús De León

My name is Jesus De Leon, I’m a Mexican illustrator, I love the fantastic and conceptual art. I hope to have the opportunity to work in video gaming industry. I also have been working with child illustration and publicity illustration. Currently, I have an illustration studio called “Dragón Negro” where I work for various clients, and also some solo projects.

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I was born in Italy where I have lived for most of my life and where I currently work as part-time illustrator. Starting at my earliest memories, I have always had a passion for drawing. Fed on a diet of cult TV, fairy tales and comic books I inexorably followed the path of imaginative art.
Stories feed the soul, I am an avid reader and I strongly think the illustrator is a storyteller who can create images and worlds made of magic, mystery, love, romance, tragedy, possibilities are limitless.

I began working as freelance commissioned illustrator few years ago and my work has appeared on several books and magazines. I enjoy the challenge of being a freelance as no two projects are the same and every day unlike the one before. My working technique includes mainly markers, pencils and watercolours with a painting style that often mix all these techniques together.

Mike was born and lives in England. He has been working professionally for just over three years and runs all aspects of the business himself. Mike is well educated in Art & Design and is qualified to Degree level in Illustration. He currently supplies unique artwork to clients throughout the world for use in books, films and games. Mike has a passion for detail and enjoys capturing atmospheric lighting. Despite his interest in myths and fictitious subjects he tries to harness a sense of realism and history within his art. As a result his work balances on the divide between plausibility and fantasy.

Ana Cruz is a digital artist from Portugal, Europe.

Her special passion is Photomanipulation and her main focus is Dark/Gothic art, always with strong emotional charge.
Always aiming for perfection and evolution, Ana started to add painted elements in her work in order to achieve bigger and deeper focus on the visual aesthetics of her art.

Currently, dividing her time with her own freelance business "Ana Cruz Arts", Ana is also geting a Graphic Design course, in order to expand her knowledge and areas of expertise.


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Rick is a Canadian artist, currently creating digital fantasy paintings for print.

I love to draw and design. Have always loved to play computer games and a keen admirer of special FX. Graduated in BA Interactive Multimedia and have knowledge of wide range of skills in the art and design sector, ranging from concept art, graphic design, fashion design, sculpting and traditional media. Currently I am working as a full-time fashion designer but I am keen to work on freelance concept/illustration projects

Mikiko is a german-japanese artist, who draws comics and loves cats.
Online she is also known as 'Zombiesmile' and has published various comics in Germany and Australia.

Country: Spain
Age: 22
Specializations: Character Design, Illustration, Manga


In that part with Xantra ( with projects webcomic.

He spent his childhood in the U.S., more specifically in Louisiana with his father's family until the age of four with her mother travel to Spain.
Lover of cats and role-playing games, much of his inspiration comes from these two passions.

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