Eberhard Vogler

Eberhard Vogler

Das Fotografieren ist für mich eine große Leidenschaft. Ich bin ständig auf der Suche nach neuen Motiven. Die Fotografie eröffnet mir die Möglichkeit, etwas in einem anderen Licht erscheinen zu lassen. Ich entdecke ein Motiv, wähle dann einen Ausschnitt und erschaffe so ein neues Bild.

Besonders gerne fotografiere ich die Dinge, die andere Menschen nicht erkennen oder beachten. Es stehen Farben, Formen und der Kontrast im Mittelpunkt. Mich fasziniert der morbide Charme von Orten. Meine Liebe gilt den Details und den Strukturen von Architektur und Landschaften.

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Eberhard Vogler hat das Bild Sielschleuse hochgeladen

Sielschleuse in Esens in Ostfriesland

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sam mohan is a professional photographer residing in Bangalore. He completed his Masters in contemporary art photography & Digital imaging from university of sunderland,UK and has received hassleblad masters semifinalist award for 2010.

Since time immemorial the seasons have shaped and characterized the Nordic (folk) soul. The extreme contrast between light and darkness, hope and despair and elation and melancholy. The Scandinavian soul, like the inward looking, hibernating bear, seeks isolation when the sun turns its face to other latitudes, and from this fateful ambience comes creative inspiration.

It is my intention to capture the beauty present in the meeting between the dark, the light & the interaction of colors, with natures unruly and unconditional constitution.
This is my desire, this is the key. I would like to show you that there's great hope right here in our love of nature. That is the challenge that inspires me to create portraits of a big country interacting and acting between these two extremes, and where the light is a messenger in the darkness.

Cecille is a little girl who always dreamed to be happy and to paint people ́s smile on their faces.
Cecille likes vegan chocolate and soya milk with vanilla flavour.

Cecille likes to do small illustration of people and their world. She thinks that people are not old enough to be children again.There are many fairy tales to be said...

Born in Los Angeles, California, Dayle Ann Clavin studied music in Salzburg, taught flute at the Landesmusikschulwerk Upper Austria and performed chamber music.

Several Images appeared in the book "Von der Idee zum Bild" by Martin Sigrist, Laterna Magica in 2000, And over the 1990’s many images published in ‘Photographie” magazine.

2001 graduated with honors in fine art photography at the Prager, Fotoschule, Schloss Weinburg, Kefermarkt, Upper Austria.

In 2002 Gallery of Photography in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, "Texas Fotofest Discoveries 2002".

In 2003/2004 portfolio of Dance and the Soul , "La Fotografia Actual", Barcelona, Spain.

In February 2004 winner Pontos de Vista, , under the title "Self Portrait".

In June2004 first prize International Photography competition of the San Diego County Fair.
Additional special first prize awarded by the San Diego Artists Guild.

In July 2004, first prize in the International competition virtual*visual 'Women in Photography International', USA.

In October 2004, first prize, Pontos de Vistas competition The Decisive Moment.

November 2004 Nominee, Spider Awards.

2005 International competition honorable mention in 'The Decisive Moment', Women in Photography International, US

In October 2005, honorable mention in the fine art portrait, 2005 International Photography Award "Lucie Awards".

In September 2005, Book publication of “Dance and the Soul” Imschoot Publishing Company Ghent, Belgium.

The Spider Awards 2005, nominee in Architecture

July 2006, first prize in the Pontos de Vista photography competition of Lissabon with the theme “Eroticism”.

In September 2006 her image was one of the best 100 images selected out of 3000 entrees by Hugh Davies, curator of the Museum for Modern Art, San Diego, California, to take part in the exhibition “The Art of Digital Show” Lyceum Theatre Gallery, San Diego, California.

In November 2006, she received two nominations in the Black and White Spider Awards, Los Angeles California.

In 2007 her work was included in the book” The Worlds greatest Black and White Photography, Vol.1”, a collection of photographs from Black and white Spider Awards. In the same year she was once again a Nominee in the Spider Awards.

Mai 2008 first prize winner in Prix de la Photographie Paris .

In the same year she was a nominee in the Black and White Spider Awards Photography competition.

In June of 2009 she won first place in the International Photography Competition organized by the San Diego County Fair.

In 2010 she was awarded 2nd Place in PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris , category Self-Portrait of the People`s Choice Awards.

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I'm leaving this site.My followers are fake.that scare me to death.bye bye artflakes.

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I am a 25 years old graphic artist and web designer from Transylvania. Graphic art is my passion, my hobby, and the best way to express myself.

Paule Trudel-Bellemare was born in Trois-Rivieres, Canada. She studied in Montreal and graduated with a degree in Traditional Animation. She furthered her studies in Fashion Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Paule is now freelancing as a fashion and children illustrator. She lives with pug Constance in a cute apartment of Ho-chelaga, Montreal.

Illustrator and Artist have fun enriching the world with happy figures and pictures. Happy, cute and colorful are catchwords that are inseparable connected to the works of Bubblefriends.

A photographer living and working in Stockholm, Sweden. I shoot mostly people and landscapes, deserted and abandoned places have a special place in my heart, and I love the color yellow.
Have a look at my blog: http://alexandrabergman.tumblr.com/

Wenn hinter dem, was wir Universum/Weltraum und Leben nennen, eine
Intelligenz steckt, so ist diese bestimmt ein Künstler.
Ständig schafft er aus alten Fragmenten neue Formen. In meinen Bildern
setze ich ein ähnliches Prinzip um.
Wie im richtigen Leben gelingt es mal und manchmal weniger.
Aber viel wichtiger als ich.ist der Betrachter, der ohne richtige
Wahrnehmung das Bild zu dem macht, was es seiner Meinung nach ist. Da ich die buddhistischen Ansichten vertrete, sehe ich innen wie außen sowieso kaum Unterschiede.
Und nun viel Spaß beim Betrachten deines Ich's.

Casiegraphics is an Illustrator living in Berlin

Ninthwheel Design + Illustration
Austin, Texas, USA

UK Based Photographer & Digital Artist. As well as selling images here on Art Flakes, I do also have an extensive portfolio of my work on www.chphotodesign.co.uk. I trust you will enjoy this work on your wall as much as I have enjoyed creating it :)

Tracey Tomtene grew up and has lived in various parts of Western Canada and has also made temporary homes abroad in the UK and New Zealand. Although she studied business in university, it was a black and white darkroom photography course that would reveal her craft.

She has photographed various destinations across Europe, SE Asia, North America and the South Pacific, participated in group exhibitions in Canada, NZ and the US, and most recently, solo exhibitions in Edmonton, AB and Whangarei, NZ.

The surfing slide show, 'Tidal' from Rockaway Beach, NY was exhibited at David Alan Harvey's 'At Home' Workshop, Brooklyn, NY and 'Carousel Slide Slam' at Host Gallery, London, UK.

Magazine publications include Geist, Signature and Verge (Canada) and The Bud (Indonesia). Online publications include Burn Magazine (US), China Visual and Padmag (China).

She is currently dreaming up her next photographic surf odyssey while residing in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Photographer and conceptual artist specializing in portraits, fashion, and design.