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funkyzoo folgt jetzt David May

I am an autodidact as far as photography goes.
The passion started when I was 8 years old, when my father bought me a Kodak Brownie 127. The joy of the viewfinder had begun.
I have worked with medium format cameras both film and digital composing that image through the giant viewfinder was glorious, really looking at what is being framed, in focus and out.
For flexibility, 35mm film then digital became my choice, giving me the freedom to carry my kit over my shoulder to far flung places around the world. Progressing to a full frame digtal camera getting me as close as I could to MF.
My shooting other than studio work is not premeditated, I work with what I see on the day and the time.
I shoot stock and it is licensed through stock photo libraries as diverse as Abode Stock and Dreamstime to name a few and on sale here as finished printed artwork.

I have had Three one person exhibitions.

Thanks for your interest in my work.

Now back to my viewfinder.

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funkyzoo folgt jetzt Ian Lewis

I'm a photographer based in the beautiful Thames Valley in the south of England. I've owned a camera since the early 1960s, my first SLR being an ExaII! Since then I have progressed through film and now shoot almost entirely in digital - although I still occasionally use my Pentax 645. I use Nikon cameras - D7000, D7100 and D200 plus a Canon G12 for when I need something smaller and lighter! I specialise mostly in landscapes but also capture images of anything interesting that catches my eye! I sometimes use added textures when processing my images, giving these a 'painterly' feel.

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Lustiges Gürteltier

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Der lustige Drachen spielt mit dem Jojo

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Tropfen Mobile am Wasserhahn

funkyzoo folgt jetzt Blake Robson

Hello, I live in Daytona Beach, Florida, in my Great Grandfather's, one time home, built in 1920, just half a block from the beach. My family first moved to Florida in 1976, then a few years later, I went away to attend College in Iowa, California and New Jersey, lived in Michigan a few years, then returned to Florida in 1993. I started designing products for clients in 1995 when I founded HRM Design, with Matt Melton & Bonnie Hetherington Robson. A graphic design, printing, internet, advertising specialty and sign company. In 2001 we closed the physical location. I turned my focus to the art, graphic design & product design work, I design and sell over the internet. For the most part my concentration is in independent, speculative, digital artwork, also mixed media such as traditional work & digital painting collages, although I make other artwork out of vinyl. Other commercial processes include engraving and painting. I also enjoy making movies and slideshows with custom transitional effects. I actually love all the arts and started teaching ballroom dance as a teenager, sang all through my youth, and took many theater and acting courses while in college. I really appreciate you're comments and patronage. For more about me, check out some of my portfolio on the blog at; Thank you for you're time, I sincerely appreciate it.

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funkyzoo folgt jetzt Sascha Faber

Auf Entdeckungstour für andere Motive der städtischen Kultur, wo Zerfall und Vergessenheit dominieren. Schmutz, Dreck, Arbeit und die Menschen, die hiervon geprägt werden.

funkyzoo folgt jetzt eloiseart

Eloise’s rustic paintings, prints, giclees, and canvas prints have the classic beauty and style of antiques. Her paintings and prints on canvas include landscapes from the Georgia, Texas, and Alabama countryside. She also paints on old wood, combining history with art, as she incorporates antique jewelry, tools, hats, musical instruments or frames into her creations. Eloise has been featured in Lee Magazine and Sunshine Artist Magazine as well as in newspapers and on television and has won numerous awards.

Eloise accepts commissions where she designs original art paintings to accommodate family pieces (Grandpa's old watch, for example) into memory paintings. Other Eloise originals can be found at several galleries and stores in Alabama, including both Fairhope Connection galleries in Fairhope and Orange Beach. Eloise originals are also sold at the Hotel Defuniak Art Gallery in Walton County, Florida, as well as Nook and Cranny in Defuniak Springs. She paints custom cupcake paintings for the Cotton Patch Bakery in Portal, GA. Eloise paintings on antique plates can be found at the Steffan Thomas Museum of Art Gift Shop in Buckhead, GA; Doodlebugs in Statesboro, GA; and the Twin City Pharmacy and Gift Shop.

An educator herself, Eloise was one of the illustrators for the I Can Say That book, winner of the Early Language Literacy Award. Eloise also illustrated the book Jesus is Born, written by Brenda O'Quinn and published by Synerge Books, found at .

Eloise also paints fine art pieces that encompass gorgeous landscapes, flowers, cotton fields, floral arrangements, and other delicate and detailed works. Her playful side lends a hand in her creation of fun art - striped cats, fat pigs, big lipped fish, and curious cows. Eloise Schneider's art also includes images of Italy, Germany, France, Spain, and Mexico - down by the water, in a village, or near a field in the sunlight of the dawn. She also paints ships and beaches, trees and forests, and the beautiful landscapes of the good ol' USA.

Faith is important to Eloise as an artist and she develops that belief system into many of her paintings: three crosses at Calvary, the cross on Pensacola Beach that overlooks the bay, children in the hands of God, the birth of Jesus Christ, and others.

Perhaps the most unusual of Eloise Schneider's artwork are her watercolor renditions of American Sign Language. As a teacher of the deaf and other children with special needs, Eloise has a heart for the art that reflects her love for those children. Her painting of the ASL "I Love You" sign is bright and bold, a wonderful piece for a hearing or deaf person to enjoy. The world is grand and love can be too. Eloise's work is just that: full of love and life.

Hello, I am Valentyna Chukhlyebova, photographer, web and graphic designer based in Bonn, Germany.

I travel a lot, love sunny and rainy days, enjoy my work, and again and again I find something new to learn.
I always take pictures of people and things I love. Every day I am happy to discover the wonderful world of digital photography: you can see the results immediately and change them as you like.
I use my NIKON D80 DSLR camera and different lenses for photography, Adobe CS5 and Lightroom3 for postprocessing, editing or designing of illustrations.

ich fotografiere sehr gerne und komme aus österreich, steiermark. hoffe viele mit meinen fotos erfreuen zu können

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