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Gabriel Mendez

Gabriel Mendez

I was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania in April 11 1982 and since I was a little kid I love to paint and draw then I start to love arts and music in many ways. My uncle in my teenage he teach me one night how to draw better. Then since that night I get exited and star to paint and draw every single day well almost and I made my self a goal in high school to make as many drawing and paintings in a single day. And i remember that I did like 4 to 5 drawing in a single day. In high school was the first time that I take plastic arts classes like for a semester. well you I just love it a lot and got an A+. And to be hones since then I'm a self teach artist. Planing to one day have my own gallery.

Some of the software that I use are Adobe Photoshop CS5 extended, Adobe Illustrator CS5, Corel Painter 12, Corel Bryce 6

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