Gustavo Izumi

Gustavo Izumi

Ach, wie schade! Wenn Du diesen Text siehst, bedeutet das, dass Gustavo Izumi bisher noch nichts über sich verraten hat. Wir hoffen sehr, dass sich das ganz schnell ändert!

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hi, i 'm an illustrator and graphic designer.
enjoy my art ;)

I'm a graphic designer and illustrator based in London. Architecture fascinates me, especially when one can see how it has grown over time. London is a great place to find these things along with old typefaces, one of my other interests.

Is an American graphic designer who has always been fascinated with design, fine art and illustration.

Claire is a fashion illustrator based in New York City. Her illustrations and designs have been featured on skis, snowboards, helmets and various other products worldwide. Her work has been featured in magazines, museums and on national television.

Im Jahre 1961 in Schleswig-Holstein geboren.
Ab 1986 handwerkliche Ausbildung zum Fotografen (analog!).
1988 und 1992 ausführliche Fotoreisen in Asien.
Seit 1994 freiberuflicher Grafiker in Hamburg.
Verheiratet, zwei Söhne.
Ich beschäftige mich seit meinem 15. Lebensjahr mit der Fotografie und fand damals ein Vorbild insbesondere in Anselm Adams.

made some art, hope you like it

I'm an illustrator, designer, creative. I have a passion for doodles and sketching. My world is clouds, mountains, monsters and dreams.

My name is Sjoerd Wenting,
I'm a Dutch designer working under the name Stark Wark Ontwerp.
I'm specialised in illustrative and graphic design, combining the looks and feel of computer graphics with handfashioned drawings and designs.

A San Francisco Fine Artist and Illustrator. Lover of Nature, coffee, oil paints, charcoal and all things collage.

Nikko Barber is a freelance illustrator specialising in children's illustration.

Aeiko is the online creative identity of UK designer Pete Harrison. After graduating he quickly became one of the Uk’s top up and coming designers.

Since then he has worked in agencies in London, and freelanced in mainly graphic design, typography and web design for a variety of high profile clients.

He currently resides in South Devon designing and developing his clothing label’s Funkrush and SuperCombo. Every year he also creatively directs a project called Desktopography and also has a blog where he keeps updates on all of his projects.

Chilean Illustrator / artist
* Follow me on twitter for new work updates! @fabciraolo

I'm freelance illustrator from Brazil. And... I'm a virtual Preacher, seminary teacher, motivational speaker with emphasis on Christian philosophy, about to become a theologian, but in fact, an Australopithecus Urbanus who doesn't like understatements or hidden information ...