Matija Drozdek

Matija Drozdek was born 1985 in Osijek, Croatia.
He spent his childhood in Germany and Belgium, now
lives in his hometown, and studies Information Design at the
Polytechnicum in Zagreb.
Numerous of his illustrations and designs were published, and he is currently working on different freelancing
jobs, doing magazine layouts, graphic design, web collaborations
and photography.

Some exhibitions: ??"Osijek in Pictures 2008", "Waldinger Gallery", Osijek, Croatia?"Festival of Science – Poster Exhibition 2009" "Faculty of Agriculture", Osijek, Croatia?"A3:3E Exhibition", Exit Festival 2009, Novi Sad, Serbia?"Ideology of Design" Museum of Contemporary Art, Novi Sad, Serbia?"Exhibition of student work" Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, 2010, Zagreb, Croatia?"Day D" Stara klaonica, 2010, Zagreb, Croatia?"The Cheaper show No.9", 2010, Vancouver, Canada?"If you Leave - Book Launch and Exhibition", CAMP (City Arts and Music Project), London, UK

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