Piotr Arendzikowski

Piotr Arendzikowski

Piotr Arendzikowski is an independent illustrator who specialises in designing characters and illustrations for the needs of books, films and games. In his work, he often uses themes related to history, fantasy and science fiction. One of his favourite motives are Polish Winged Hussars, symbolising Poland’s past might and glory. To add variety to his job, he works on his own projects as well as on the commercial ones. Piotr draws inspiration from pictures of old masters: Jacek Malczewski, Rembrandt, Lucien Freud, John Singer Sargent, Howard Pyle, N.C. Wyeth and many others.

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One of my personal pieces about Polish Winged Hussars. I started it on April 2011 and now I've repainted it to check If I can squeeze out more from this piece..

Piotr Arendzikowski hat das Bild At the End / Thanatos hochgeladen

My personal piece from Polish Winged Hussar series.

Piotr Arendzikowski hat das Bild Going to War hochgeladen

Polish Winged Hussars leaving the village - going to war.

Piotr Arendzikowski hat das Bild Polish Winged Hussar hochgeladen

Artwork presenting Hussar on the battlefield, fighting against a group of cossacks.

Piotr Arendzikowski hat das Bild Two humming birds hochgeladen

A bit surreal piece, inspired by Salvador Dali's art.

Piotr Arendzikowski hat das Bild Elven chamber hochgeladen

A little piece presenting old fantasy style mixed with sci-fi details.