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cray fish,
breathe through feather-like gills,
found in bodies of water that do not freeze to the bottom,
crayfish cannot tolerate polluted water,
feed on living and dead animals and plants,
indigenous to much of southern Oceania,   lobsters, crawdads, mudbugs,and yabbies,   injure or kill the fish with its claws,   used as bait,   eaten all over the world,   In most prepared dishes, such as soups, bisques and étouffées,   economically important as seafood,   reef lobsters ,   live on rocky, sandy, or muddy bottoms,   walking on the bottom of the sea floor,   boil live lobsters in water or steam,   fried, grilled, or baked,   meat is in the tail and the two front claws,   lobster is not kosher,   luxury food and a tourist attraction,   lobster is also called langouste,   skeleton coast namibia,   luderitzbay,   namibian coast,   marine product,   namibia,   ocean,   export product,   delicacy,  delecacy,  seafood.

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