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Amelia Halgas

Amelia Halgas

I was born in November 1988 and now I'm studying Architecture on Warsaw University of Technology. I'm interested in art since earliest childhood. I finished drawing, perspective and watercolor course in Domin School in Warsaw. I'm in digital painting since December 2008 and now I'm working as a freelance artist. I was writing tutorials for .PSD magazine. My portfolio was published in 11/2009 issue of Computer Arts magazine and in May 2010 issue of Imagine FX.
Now I'm creating illustration for children's books.

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Private illustration inspired by novel "Pan Lodowego Ogrodu" written by Jarosław Grzędowicz.

Personal illustration inspired by "Discworld" by Terry Pratchett

Personal illustration inspired by "Song of Ice and Fire" by G.R.R. Martin.

Amelia Halgas has uploaded The Huldra

The Huldra is a creature from Scandinavan folklore. She is seductive, stunningly beautiful woman with animal tail.