Anju Saran

Anju Saran

My paintings are influenced by everything I see, feel and experience. I love to create art and like to use expressive colors to show the excitement and colorfulness. I like to paint portraits, figures, florals, still life, landscape using different mediums, such as oil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel and charcoal. I am also working as a graphic and digital artist. However, my primary subject matter is about people’s special times, human nature and their moods. I have been painting since childhood and hold a Masters in Fine Arts. I exhibited my work in major competitions and represented by galleries in New Jersey, New York, Florida and abroad. I have also exhibited in New York Art Expo 2011.

I can be inspired by almost anything – the shape of a tree branch, the curve of a moving human body, a cloud, a tune of music or a story. I carry this inspiration with me as I keep observing my surroundings and find my subjects even when I am watching TV. I don’t know when something leaves an impression and appears on canvas. I also like to carry my sketchbook with me when I travel. I take many pictures which helps me to decide new subjects for my paintings. I keep experimenting until I arrive at painting that is my artistic response to the inspiration.

Painting is like music to me. Since I am also a musician, I love to sing and play instruments like keyboard, guitar, and flute. I play music while I paint and connect music to my painting. This helps me to build mood in my creations and my paints flow effortlessly and naturally. My paintings radiate energy and life and are a source of joy and inspiration to those who acquire them. When I create a painting, I try to put all my efforts so that it can speak for itself to the viewer.

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