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I am trying to find the ultimate way to create images of my imagination... even if I will never find, these are what I've done so far....

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a dramtic lightning composition..

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I live in a small Russian city. I am 17 years old and I study at two schools: general educational and art. I will soon enter the institute. My basic employment – the three-dimensional drawing, and 2D I am taken by a drawing only two years. Since the early childhood me the computer, and the first time 3ds max I interested only has seen at the father at office (he not 3D the artist, he the programmer). I then was 8 years old, 3D the drawing has seemed very interesting employment, but difficult, therefore I then haven't made anything good. At the age of 12 years to me have presented the new computer, approximately a month later I have found an old disk with 3ds max, have established and have tried. Pressing all buttons which saw on the screen, I studied this program. Without the textbook it was interesting, but slowly. In half a year I began to participate in weekly competitions on high-speed modeling. The large quantity of works and not so a lot of experience has collected. Simply doing three-dimensional models, I couldn't learn art 3D. Therefore began to participate in more advanced competitions, to read lessons and to attend art school. I consider that it is very useful for beginning artist to learn and improve the skills. I began to draw, study much and works became much better. I still study at usual and art schools, getting hand in. And in September of 2010 has received AWARD on CG Society. In the near future I want to make some more works, and then to enter the institute. I still study, I do not work even through the Internet. Therefore in works I am completely free. Though a little I am am limited by works for competitions, but it at all is a lot of. Sometimes I specially limit myself to learn or is simple for economy of resources of the computer. And for creation of the works I use 3ds max, v-ray and Photoshop.

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Blackflames, a self-reflecting image...

Blackflames, a self-reflecting image...

A future tech war machine