Camilo Rojas

Camilo Rojas

Hello World,

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. My name is Juan Camilo Rojas, a Colombian-born, Miami/Paris based Graphic Designer Graduated from New World School of the Arts. My work is mainly based on typography and experimenting with it as an Art form. My work seeks to connect with the viewers to communicate a certain message and to make them think, analyze, and build a link with the work.

Outside of my normal job, or daily activities, lies my commitment to social change. Using my design and creative talents I want to create awareness and help solve problems that affect our society and the world. I want to do it in a way that entertains and embraces people through positive change. This is a work in progress; I actually still think I could change the world. Maybe... well, hopefully help humanity move towards a sustainable existence, starting in my own home and community.

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