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Flic en Flac, Ile Maurice
by cri5t14a

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Hi My name is Georgina Flood and I'm from Dublin in Ireland! I've been drawing since I was a child and always had a passion to one day become a portrait artist as I loved my dad's portraits he use to show me. In college my tutors thought my work was too graphic and stylised and tried to make me paint lol! I never listened and am glad I didnt as I feel now I have created my very own distinctive style which I enjoy and a lot of others do too. Now I love to share my drawings of the people who have influenced me most and the hair is really my signature mark!
I exhibited two pieces in the yearly exhibition 'Come Together' in Liverpool 2010.
I also won first place in a Richard Starkey facebook competition in 2010.
This year I came 2nd in the 'Artist of the year 2011' competition on the very popular facebook page .. The artist in you..
I won 1st place on 'The Arts Connection Website' art competition and was also 1st place and overall winner of the 'Artscanyon Gallery' Art competition...
In August 2011 I was a guset artist at the very first Scottish Beatle weekend..
Without the influence of George Harrison, The Beatles, my friends and family I don't think I would have ever followed my dream. I am looking forward to see what the future may hold for my work... I do hope you enjoy!

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