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Kina Kitana has uploaded Fight
Kina Kitana has uploaded Nagual

This image was purely inspired by Carlos Castaneda’s books.
Done in Photoshop

Kina Kitana has uploaded Sophia

This image was my first attempt of painting a realistic-looking girl by the means of Photoshop.
I wanted the girl to be a kind of a vampire, so she is surrounded by scarlet velvet, weighty ornamental curtains and a stone wall and bars behind her (meaning she is somewhere underground). Her body is young, though her long hair is all gray - probably she’s been laying here for ages.

This image was inspired by watching at my cat hunting.
Done in Photoshop CS5

Kina Kitana has uploaded Mother

My initial idea was to depict a massive horrible monster in the role of caring and lowing mother. In the end creature appeared to be not so terrifying, but still I like this image very much.
Done in Photoshop

Kina Kitana has uploaded Pale

Actually I’m very keen on drawing tiny creatures with disproportional big heads and large eyes.
Done in Photoshop CS5.

Kina Kitana has uploaded Skydiver

Tiny skydivers fly using their mantles as paraplanes. The heads of tiny skydivers are so big in contrast to their bodies that they need a special device to support the weight of the head, that’s why they always wear special helmets, equipped with bird-like wings.
Done in Photoshop