Jeffrey Boyle

Jeffrey Boyle

Where Are My Works?

This was a tough decision as ARTFLAKES had personally asked me to sell my works here almost a decade ago. At that time payment for sales was timely and communication between ARTFLAKES and myself was prompt and professional. I have no idea if the same company that owned it then owns it now, but things have drastically changed. I have works I sold and have requested payment for from last year that have NEVER been paid to me. Also I have recently sold some work here and I unfortunately will probably never see that money either. Whoever is running things here has been contacted numerous times, with no response, therefore I am deeming that the management of ARTFLAKES is now in the hands of a thieves and conmen, stealing money from sales by artists and lining their own pockets. So I have taken ALL my works down, deleted them from here and will be selling exclusively on my other store, REDBUBBLE! You may search and buy my works there from now on and in more varied ways than on here. They also ship internationally and unlike ARTFLAKES, they pay me monthly, without having to request a payment and in over a decade have not ripped me off once nor failed to respond to an inquiry.

Find my work here:

Thank you for your support, condolences to fellow artists also ripped off and lets stop feeding those who are out to bleed us!

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