Jeffrey Boyle

Jeffrey Boyle

I studied 8 years at the prestigious Barnstone Academy directly with Myron Barnstone with emphasis on fine art photography. I attended Pratt University in Brooklyn, NY again with a fine art/photography major. Before graduating (and running out of money) I landed an apprenticeship with Francesco Scuvullo, noted fashion photographer, and my career was off to a flying start.

I have photographed for numerous international and local fashion publications as well as held exhibitions of my work in galleries around the globe.

I also have shot for Getty Images through Asia Image Group, doing lifestyle photography as well as taking freelance commissions to do everything from Portraits to Architectural photography for hotels, resorts and spas around Asia.

I am originally from Bethlehem,PA USA, but have spent most of my adult life in NYC. I am based in Singapore and have been for the last decade.

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