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Jean-Francois Dupuis

Jean-Francois Dupuis

As a photo based artist in Sherbrooke, working in both colour, black and white, and alternative processes, part of my exploration has been to push the boundary of what is perceived as photography, in an effort to create a vision of our world that absorbs the viewer, and transports them outside of themselves.My bioIllustrator/Photographer Canadian artist since 1999. Jean-François Dupuis work demonstrates his vivid imagination and unconscious themes. His work is created digitally, using photo reference and found objects as the basis of his montages. I materialize the emotions by depicting them trough using the relevant elements of nature around us. I integrate color and hue, pattern and texture, light and dimension by rearranging them into a new relation.I place the figure or portrait in to the content of his or her aura. I want to stretch the dimensions of the depicted subject to the whole composition. In order to create more dramatic effects and contrast, I like to emphasize the lines of profiles, the eyes and posture, through a naturalistic approach. Merging the digital technology and traditional values of fine art gives me unlimited opportunity to express values in a distinguished and decorative way.

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