Jim Moon

Jim Moon

I love the artistic opportunities that digital photography has allowed me, from standard sport shots to the far edge of HDR artwork. I can capture the simple beauty of a flower or create an entire new dynamic of appearance with a motorcycle. Photography reminds me to look for the beauty and change that happens around us everyday. I live in Arizona, US but have the opportunity to travel the world and record it. I can't wait for my next adventure.
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The sunset on an April snow storm in the Arizona high desert creates a world of color and questions. This was shot at the Top of the World in Arizona.

April snow in the Arizona desert. The Top of the World Arizona, has the mountains trying to peak through the clouds as snow is setting on top of the desert plants and the red rocks of Arizona. It is a bracketed fused shot that makes you look, and then look deeper to find all of the detail that is hidden within the snow and clouds.

Jim Moon has uploaded Arizona Windmill

The West was won, with true grit and determination, but without the Windmill pumping the water from the ground to supply the people, plants and stock with water, it would not have happened.

Jim Moon has uploaded Harvest Moon

As the Moon raises over the grain silo, you can see the lights of the surrounding city encroaching on the farm. Some things remain the same such as the Moon raising and the Sun setting, while life moves on here on earth.

Jim Moon has uploaded Crossing Over

Oak Creek Canyon in the fall just out of Sedona Arizona. I was looking for fall colors and shot this picture of the log bridge that had fallen across the creek. It is my wife's favorite picture in color, I converted it to infrared and fell in love with it. The trees in the back take on a ghostly winter color while leaving great contrast throughout the photo.

Jim Moon has uploaded The Hideaway

Harley Davidson riders that dream about climbing on a motorcycle and riding through Arizona, need to know about The Hideaway. It is in Cave Creek Arizona, just north of Scottsdale AZ, it's a great place to stop and get to know the locals. It surrounded by the beautiful Arizona desert, but is just a couple of hour ride up into the mountains and a five hour ride to the Grand Canyon. Get on your bike and ride.

This is an HDR photograph of Date & Front Street in San Diego, CA. It was a Saturday afternoon with the street market going on. The palm trees were blowing in the wind and you can look down the rolling street and see the San Diego Bay. San Diego has a unique feel two different eras intertwined. The high rise of today with the little cottages of a quieter time.

Jim Moon has uploaded 141 Bull Ride

A photograph of Bull Rider 141 setting up his ride with the assistance of the handler. Rodeos are one of the few things that are still tied to the Old West. Ropes, Boots, Chaps and Cowboy Hats are tools that are used by cowboys all over the world. When this shot is on canvas it looks like a painting. As you can see Ford is still happy to sponsor the Rodeos.