Krijn van de Werken

Krijn van de Werken

I am a dutch illustrator and autonome artist.
I work and live in France.

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I'm a fine artist and illustrative designer from Amsterdam.
I work in a street art related style and i like to renew my styles all the time. My artworks often contains animals and fantasy monsters related to the things that i see.

Acrilique paint on canvas.
Fat lady with big red cat enjoying a nap in the garden.

Krijn van de Werken has uploaded Twins

Acrylic paint on paper

Meditative face, introspective, spiritualy

contemplative Madonna, meditation

Swimmer in a pool with fish and ducks and waterplants.

Colorfull painting in expressive modern way of a cat with bird on his head.

girl hugging red cat surrounded by bird and leaves and red berries

nude sitting in garden with gray cat on lap sleeping

Girl sitting on a bench in her garden surrounded by a dog a cat and flowers.