Sara Jablonska

Sara Jablonska

The world is full of mysteries. I think that some may be included in the pictures... This is world in my eyes.

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Sara Jablonska has uploaded Parenting

The love of a parent is the only one feeling that no one knows how to explain it.

Sara Jablonska has uploaded Mother like butterfly.

What is behind the make-up? The real face - soul.

What in the mirror sees the clown?

Bear on a rocking horse... The symbol of childhood.

Fire behind glass is cold adn very friendly.

The tragedy behind the glass is not a tragedy. It's just entertainment for the eye.

Ducks are still on the go. Are they looking for meaning?

Sometimes the order is only what one has.

What is the role of Queen?

Glass corss on the kings head.

Sara Jablonska has uploaded Glass war

Glass horse, king and queen. Can they win?

Sara Jablonska has uploaded Little Sea

Glass bowl with water on a summer day.