Tom Weber

Tom Weber

Plain and simple, I'm passionate about photography as an art form. I enjoy architectural, landscape and travel photography -- having visited 41 countries and counting -- and I always carry at least a small pocket-sized digital camera wherever I go just because you never know.

I cut my teeth in photography as a U.S. Army print and photo journalist. A graduate of the Defense Information School in Indianapolis, Indiana, I learned to shoot stories by lugging around a 4x5 Graflex camera and spending long hours in the dark room. Assigned to Germany, I became supervising editor of four regional military weekly newspapers and, along with editing stories and layouts, I, too, filed countless posts and photos from the field for the weekly publications.

I've also served as a commercial director for a boutique advertising agency storyboarding, writing, producing, directing and, at times, standing in front of the camera or behind the microphone for print, radio and television advertising campaigns.

I now live in Italy, but I'm not Italian. I enjoy a good shot just like many other camera toting aficionados, and I look forward to sharing my work, receiving your feedback and, hopefully, selling a frame or two on Artflakes.

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