Anita Kajika

Fantasy illustrator and comic artist from Venice, Italy. Currently working as a freelance for different kind of art (illustrations, webcomics, board games).
Graduated at Academy of Fine Arts in Venice with higher score, has slowly switched from traditional tecniques to digital art.

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Anita Kajika has uploaded Dreamcatcher

Digital image, inspired by "The Dreamcatcher" by Stephen King

Anita Kajika has uploaded The mage

Digital painting, re-working of an old subject

Anita Kajika has uploaded Argarion

Digital painting. Subject inspired by the horseman of war, created for Starfall in Dungeons&Dragons

Anita Kajika has uploaded Svala

Digital painting, the dragon Scalegos and its knight Svala. Inspired by the the horseman of pestilence for Starfall, in Dungeons&Dragons

Anita Kajika has uploaded Mercedes

Western-like illustration

Anita Kajika has uploaded Dwarfs

Acrylic fantasy painting

Anita Zaramella has uploaded The mage

Originally done to be on a "Gypsy Eye comics" issue
Painted digitally with Photoshop CS2

Anita Zaramella has uploaded Shaman

Digital painting, done in almost one hour

A fanart from "The Dark Tower" by Stephen King.

Acrylic on paper, 35x50 cm

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I am an illustrator/comicbook artist from Copenhagen, Denmark. My professional range of work includes doing illustrations and covers for childrens and educational books here in Denmark, as well as doing monthly comics and graphic novels for american as well as french publishers. For DC-Comics, I have worked on the titles: House of Secrets and The Dreaming. For Les Humanoides Associes I co-created the series La Meute de L'enfer (Hounds of Hell), with writer Philippe Thirault. The typical subjectmatter of my work tend to be in the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Historical times.