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About 3 years ago I seriously discovered the fun of photography. It started rather innocent but right now it's part of every-day's life.

My photo's are very basic. I like to keep it plain and simple although I prefer a wonderful blur...
I try to show you everyday stuff in a slightly different way. I think my 'blue-period' is coming to its end. This doesn't mean I don't like blue anymore but I guess you will see other colours too in my latest work.

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”thanks for the kind comment Sherri!!!“
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Emptiness prevails. The package appears more important than its content.

The impact of a simple hand movement... ruthless, confronting, frightening...

Perplexity for this bizarre, cruel world which I now understand less and less... But this isn't the solution!

The just didn't sat still this afternoon. I don't know what went wrong... my clothes, my smell? I was only able to shoot a few of these beauties.

It was hot.... it was very, very hot today. The sweat ran into my eyes as I walked in the field but for some stupid reason I had to be there.... I must have a serious butterfly addiction...

When I am outside chasing butterflies I like to daydream about a fantasy world with magic colours, fantastic smell and awesome sounds.... To flow away, to escape...

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it was very windy today but I still was able to get this one in front of my camera in a decent way....

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Fotografie ist meine Leidenschaft.
Makrofotografie ist für mich eine Entdeckungsreise,
in der ich immer wieder erstaunt stehe,
fasziniert bin von den wirklich kleinen Dingen,
die ich da im Verborgenen erkenne,
und die mein Leben bereichern!
Diese bereichernden Momente versuche ich festzuhalten, und möchte sie gerne mit Ihnen teilen!

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I suddenly noticed this little one.... it indeed is very little so not easy to find. I was glad it took some time for me so I could make a decent portrait of him/her.

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I had to think of all the lovely people that passed away during the years. It must be the light or the serenity. I don't have these thoughts very often but for some reason I had these memories when I was outside taking this photo.

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Not the butterfly but me... I didn't feel well yesterday and I kind of transferred it to the photo.

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A serene and pristine bouquet of flowers...