Travel - Posters and Art Prints

The Travel-Collections carry us off to places of the world that everyone would like to see as they are beautiful and adventurous. From the Antarctic via the Caribbean and the Near East to Oceania – there is hardly no travel destination missing on ARTFLAKES. Discover this wonderful collection and get involved with this fascinating impressions that will let your walls look great.

The ultimate holiday feeling for your home as Posters

Here you find impressive images that make you longing for the faraway. Looking at the images in the Travel-Collections you just want to get in the next plane and experience relaxation, adventure and great nature. It's this holiday feeling that you can bring directly into your room by hanging up a poster or an art print from ARTFLAKES. Someone that feels better in the Southern Hemisphere will hit on incredible images from sandy deserts or white sand-beaches with crystal clear water. Even someone who undertakes a virtual journey through historical cities and countries will find great motifs here. Whether you are looking for The Great Wall or the Empire State Building – all motifs from this collection are ideal as poster and art print.

Memories of travel as Canvas, Gallery Print and Greeting Cards

These motifs are not only perfect as posters and art prints but they come especially good into their own ordered as canvas and gallery print. These products are often recommended as a great gift for friends and family. Of course these images are optimal to send as greeting cards. Have a look at this collection and get inspired!

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