Carolyn Sandstrom

Carolyn is a Canadian art photographer from Alberta, Canada.

She is a former well known Alberta fashion designer who has designed originals for Oprah and Cher. When Carolyn discovered photography, it was her true calling. She has applied her incredible creative skills by designing her own unique clothing, backdrops and props.

Photography is not only her job, but her lifestyle. Her boyfriend Russ Amy is a wildlife photographer so when she is not in the studio, they are out photographing the wonders of nature and wildlife. They monitor bird nests, animal dens, and rescue wildlife. They take injured animals to the closest wildlife rehabilitation centre. Robert Bateman uses many of their images in his new ™Get To Know Program which teaches children to care for and respect wildlife. They donate images to many wildlife rehabilitation centres and causes.

She also loves dogs and has rescued seven Pomeranians from different situations throughout the years. Her present Pomeranian is Peanut. He goes on most nature shoots with Carolyn and Russ, loving all the new places he gets to discover every week. He has his yearly portrait taken each spring among the crocus in the Porcupine Hills of Alberta.

Other interests and skills she enjoys are infrared photography and 3-D photography. She is also a ™Photoshop artist. These skills include hand painting, enhancing, restoring, and creating art images. Carolyn is always experimenting, always creating and always coming up with unique, breath-taking art photography.

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