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Edward Olive is an award winning fine art, portrait & wedding photographer.


Edward Olive is a fine art, commercial, landscape, female erotic nude, boudoir, wedding, social event, corporate, commercial, advertising & portrait photographer based out of Madrid Spain. His work is regularly sold as book and music album cover sleeves and featured in magazines and newspapers around the world. Edward's photography comes principally from hand developed expired films shot on vintage analog cameras and handmade darkroom black & white silver gelatin and c-type colour prints that he makes personally.

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Kunst Poster Shop. Bilder aus Sachsen von Falko Follert Art-FF77 Photographer of Art

Kaufen sie Kunst zu günstigen Preisen in vielen Foto Bereichen

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Fotograf ART-FF77
Falko Follert FF77
Torgau 04860

Ich Arbeit in Torgau Sachsen in den Bereichen der Fotografie und der Malerei, dabei liegt immer die Kunst im Vordergrund.

Mein Kameras

- Canon EOS 40D
- Canon EOS 5D Marke 2

© Falko Follert 2008-2011
Alle meine hier gezeigten Kunstwerke/Bilder unterliegen dem gesetzlichen Urheberrecht. Jegliche Art von Manipulation, Vervielfältigung, Kopie, Verteilung, Verbreitung, Blogging, öffentlicher Wiedergabe oder sonstiger vergleichbarer Nutzung ist untersagt. Jeder Verstoß dagegen wird straf- und zivilrechtlich geahndet.

Art Posters Store. Pictures from Saxony by photographer Falko Follert Art FF77

They buy art for reasonable prices in many areas Photo

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Photographer ART-FF77
Falko Follert FF77
Torgau 04860

I work in Torgau, Saxony, in the fields of photography and painting, the art is always in the foreground.

My cameras

- Canon EOS 40D
- Canon EOS 5D Mark 2

© 2008-2011 Falko Follert
All my works of art shown here / images subject to copyright laws. Any kind of manipulation, reproduction, copying, distribution, dissemination, blogging, public reproduction or other similar use is prohibited. Any other use is punishable under criminal and civil penalties.

Wo man mich noch finden kann

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Thank you very much for visiting! I hope you enjoy.

More about my activity:
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When I left a Munich advertising studio for Ireland, I dreamed of cheap whisky, hot geysers and a little adventure. Wrong. Very wrong indeed! The whiskey was expensive, the hot springs were in Iceland and the little adventure developed into a big adventure……. The land and it’s people were fascinating right from the beginning and after learning a few words of the English language, tinted with an Irish flavour, mind and soul were cleared of orderly Teutonic perceptions. The wind blew away the acquired photographic rules to let grey skies and green meadows convert easily into stunning pictures. The adventure was in full swing and I never missed the Bavarian studio.

Since then I have travelled to many exotic countries. During 1973, in recognition of my work, I was awarded the honours of a Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain (F.R.P.S.). In 1982 I started to build up my own Picture Library ( and for commercial reasons, moved to England. Here I soon discovered the Highland of Scotland which has so much in common with the Emerald Isle. The sunny beaches of exotic tourist destinations did not tempt me, hence it is no surprise that I still have not got around to buying a sensible sunshade for my camera. Instead of a sunshade I placed many other astonishing, yet creative ‘bits’ in front of my lenses in order to manipulate my work within the camera. Deception by photography ?

Then came the pixels: Rather than being satisfied with retouching existing photographs, I went in at the deep end and experimented with many different digital styles. The painted effects, created with the help of PhotoShop and Painter software, give a new meaning to "painting with light". Here, photography drifts into virtual painting and with each controlled brushstroke new ideas are opened up.

Mankind expressed creativity in the Stone Ages with a few colours derived from nature itself. The palette of shades evolved over centuries, today even the smallest of home computer, iThingy or smart phone lay claim to "millions of colours". Thus in photography, it is not the camera that creates the picture, but the person behind it - the computer technology is simply a medium helping us to express ourselves in ways we could have never envisaged a few years ago. May my selection of images cross barriers of language and culture, offering only inspiration.

Legal Note:

All Rights Reserved. All images in this gallery are the original work of Edmund Nagele F.R.P.S. All works for sale are the copyright of Edmund Nagele F.R.P.S. and as such, are protected by US and International Copyright laws. No images are within Public Domain, Printerest usage or linking to Printerest is NOT supported and NO FREE images are offered. Fair use is not an excuse. Purchased prints will NOT show any copyright watermarking.

If you wish to license any of my images for personal or commercial use you may do so at .

Edmund Nagele F.R.P.S.

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Vincent Monozlay was born in Nitra, Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia) in 1968. Vincents father was an amateur photographer who started his lifelong interest in photography and art. He is devoted to photography, HDR photo, restoring and coloring old photographs and postcards, photo art and computer art.

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Fotokunst aus Köln
Diese und weitere Bilder finden Sie auch auf meiner Webseite:

Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse!

Vor ca. 3 Jahren habe ich die Fotografie für mich als künstlerisches Ausdrucksmittel entdeckt.

Wenn ich mit meiner Kamera losziehe, pflücke ich die Bilder, die überall hängen, sozusagen mit meiner Kamera ab.

Ich möchte den Blick auf das Alltägliche schärfen und zeigen, dass auch das vermeintlich Hässliche oder Unbedeutende schön sein kann.
Mich faszinieren Farben, Muster, Formen und Strukturen sowie Streifen und Spiegelungen.

Ich genieße beim Fotografieren das Sein im Hier und Jetzt.

Meine Fotografien zeigen überwiegend Motive in Köln.

Mir sind authentische Bilder sehr wichtig. Es handelt sich nicht um gestellte Szenen. Auch füge ich bei der anschließenden Bearbeitung am PC nichts hinzu und nehme nichts weg.
Die Bearbeitung beschränkt sich hauptsächlich auf farbliche Effekte.

Jose Sunday has uploaded Black river

an abstract expressionist view of nature

Jose Sunday has uploaded Boskimano

an abstract expressionist view of the boskimanos

Jose Sunday has uploaded Focus

an abstract expressionist image

Jose Sunday has uploaded Soledad

an abstract expressionist tought regarding solitude and time

Jose Sunday has uploaded Twin Towers

An abstract expressionist view on buildings.

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... captured moments! ... see more:

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und einen wunderschönen Tag,
hier auf meiner 365 Tage Seite.

Schöne Fotos sagen mehr aus als nur Worte,
denn gute Bilder sprechen unsere Gefühle an
und erzählen uns Geschichten,
die in uns haften bleiben.

and a wonderful time at 365 Tage.

Beautiful photos express more than words,
beautiful pictures attract our feelings.

They tell us stories which rest forever.

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Fotograf Marc Heiligenstein aus Hamburg
Photographer Marc Heiligenstein from Hamburg

Kunden/Veröffentlichungen (ua.):

- Online-Redaktion
- Axel Springer AG, Zentrale Programredaktion
. dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH, Auswärtiges Amt
- Deutsche Welle, Multimediadirektion

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Bevorzugte Motive:

Copyright:Walter Zettl

Thank you for visiting my work and feel free to contact me with any questions.

Meine Weke wurden bereits bei vielen verschiedenen nationalen und internationalen Gelegenheiten präsentiert, die Highlights:

- Montserrat Gallery, Broadway, New York

- "Shanghai Spring Art Salon", Shanghai

- "German House", Deutsches Generalkonsulat, New York

- "World Mobility Forum", Stuttgart

- "Deutsche Telekom AG startet kunstvoll ins neue Jahrtausend", Stuttgart

- Tennis Weltmeisterschaft, Hannover

Painting, surrealism

Preferred Topics:

My weke have been presented at many national and international opportunities, the highlights:

- Montserrat Gallery, Broadway, New York

- "Shanghai Spring Art Salon", Shanghai

- "German House", German Consulate General, New York

- "World Mobility Forum", Stuttgart

- "German Telekom AG starts artfully into the new millennium", Stuttgart

- Tennis World Championship, Hanover

Jose Sunday has uploaded Canarias

an abstract, expressionist image

Jose Sunday has uploaded Glow

an abstract expressionist image

Jose Sunday has uploaded Masada

an abstract, expressionist image