Marc Barnwell

My name is Marc Barnwell. I would describe myself as a travel photographer. I am passionate about allowing my camera to be the lens through which others have a chance to see the amazing people and places that make up our world. I love the adventure involved in traveling and exploring to find the perfect shot.

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Black & White Fly Fishing on the Eagle River, Colorado.

black & white close up photo of a Ramses II statue

Profile head photo of a Mountain lion

Full side shot of a Mountain LIon

Profile photo of two feeding Giraffes

Black & White photo of a Bengal Tiger

Black & White photo of the Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota

Black & White photo of Ramses II Statue

Black & White photo of the Grand Canyon

Devil's Tower National Monument in Wyoming, USA

Black & White photo of a male Baboon

Black & White photo of an American Buffalo (Bison)

Black & White photo of a house cat

Black & White photo of a shipwreck on Bimini island, Bahamas

Giraffe drinking at a watering hole in Etosha National Park in Namibia, Africa.

Portrait of a Snow Leopard Cub

Portrait of a Mountain Lion

Flying Dove framed with the famous Taj Mahal in the background.