Martin Flechsig

Ich bin selbständiger Fotodesigner mit dem Schwerpunkt Architekturfotografie und der künstlerischen Stilrichtung "land art".
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I find the everyday-life beautiful. My photographs are not trying to be something they are not - they are just honest and pure.

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Markus Will is a 39 year old emerging photographer from Braunschweig / Lower Saxony. Besides photography, Markus enjoys his job working at the Brunswick Fire Department.
Markus came to photography through a friend many years ago. The quality of his friend’s images captivated Markus, and he then decided to purchase a dslr for himself.

After initial attempts to photograph everything, Markus was struck by the capabilities of the lens. He built a sizable portfolio and uploaded some of his images to various online photo communities. See a variety of images, Markus soon also discovered HDR photography. He was immediately taken by this style. After many initial attempts with HDR, he self-taught himself a unique technique, and now at this point he can say that he has developed his own style.

He states, “for me, HDR photography is the best form to express. I can see with one eye while shooting.”

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Sandra Schaenzer is a passionate landscape, nature and wildlife photographer from Switzerland.

Her photography is inspired by the beauty and variety of nature that she likes to capture in a creative, fresh way.

Sandra explores nature in her home country as well as during her travels in Europe and Africa. It is her passion to wait until everything comes together to capture a unique piece of art: just a Moment in Light.

Please visit her website "SA*GA Photography ~ Moments in Light ~" to learn more about Sandra and to view her current work:

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32 years old.
living in st. pauli.
working as video technician.
loving & shooting hamburg, water, ships, differents things and parts of the earth. and rock'n'roll!
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geboren 1964 in Wismar
seit 1986 wohnhaft in Berlin
Studium, anschl. verschiedene Tätigkeiten
seit 2002 mehr als 50 Einzel- und Gruppenausstellungen in Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden, Leipzig, Rostock, Schwerin, Hamburg
seit 2006 freischaffend tätig

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Ronny Ritschel, born in Germany is an international award winning photographer, author and workshop leader. Ronny’s photography has taken him to various places around the world including Iceland, United Arabe Emirates, Great Britain, Germany, Canada and the United States. More travel is in store. His photographs have been presented at national and international exhibitions and published in well-known magazines.

Completely self taught, Ronny Ritschel started taking pictures in late 2006 and over the years, has become specialized in fine art, landscape, architecture and street photography. At this time, he also began developing photographs to enhance his understanding of the pictures taking process. Finally, after nearly two years of taking pictures using analogue equipment, he switched to digital. In 2012, he now uses both methods. As a “hybrid” photographer he currently uses a Nikon FX (D800) and a large format 4×5 film camera (Chamonix 045N-2). He lives and works in Canada and Germany. Besides his work as a photographer, he is also the publisher of the German photography blog You can also find him on facebook at

“Photography is more than just knowing how to deal with your equipment. You have to train your vision and wait patiently for the right moment to capture that special view of the world. For this reason, art is always something personal…“

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- Photographer/Journalist
- "Das weisse Kaninchen":

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