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Since I discovered the art of Manga by reading the Sailor Moon series many years ago, I became increasingly lost in these drawn worlds.

In the beginning, my own drawings were mostly never-never lands whereto I would escape in bad times. However, in the course of time, the characters created and the stories surrounding them (which I hope to finalize some day) became essential parts of my very own life.

Every single one of them, no matter if protagonist or minor character, is to me like my own child. Every character is now a part of what I am.

During my professional education that eventually culminated in me becoming a media designer, I learned how to use the most important graphics software, and by working with that software I achieved the necessary skills to also use them for my private, and meanwhile public, purposes as well.

My professional skills are an important foundation for my artwork. My drawings are created with printing technology needs in mind so that they still will look good when printed in large scale.

My profession and my hobby complemented one another perfectly during the last years, and both of them became passions to me. I wouldn't want to, and even could not live without either anymore.

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