Peter Bergmann

Peter Bergmann

Fotograf und Fotokünstler aus München | Photographer and photo artist based in Munich
Themen & Schwerpunkte:
- Still life Fotos
- Landschaftsfotos und Reisefotografie
- abstrakte Fotografie & Experiment
Bei der Landschafts- und Reisefotografie habe ich mich vor allem auf Italien, Deutschland und Schweden spezialisiert.
Besonders Wasser, das Meer sowie maritime Motive sind zentrale Sujets meiner Fotos.


photographic topics:
- Still life Photos
-Landscape and travel photography
- abstract Photography
-composing & experiment

In the landscape and travel photography, I am specialised for Italy, Germany and Sweden.
Especially water, the sea and maritime sujets are central subjects of my photographs.

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I have been a freelance photographer for over 24 years. I mostly get my motivation and creativity during the shoots. I have also been rendering fractal wall motifs for several years and have already been able to sell some through other portals. I would be happy if you like my work and give me a like. You can also find me on Patreon, flickr, facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram and website. I share my links here: