Eszter Ary

Eszter Ary

Art for me is a way to show my inner world to others.

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Citizen of the world & photographer
i like to present my interpretation of the planet we live on in a personal style and approach. I like to tell stories and search for deeper emotions

Italian born Giorgio, who lives in London has been for many years involved in various areas of graphic and interior design, but always been passionate about photography, using many different types of film cameras (mainly lomography) and using his own distinctive eye, capturing wonderfully surreal and iconic shots during his random travels. He loves experimenting with techniques like Cross Processing and double exposures and he never uses computer based colour correction or computer post production; all of his photography is purely analogue.

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I'm illustrator and i like sushis

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Freelance illustrator/ graphic designer based in Sheffield.

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LU and RI is a couple living together and trying to show,that the animals have wide spread of feelings and they can suffer at least as humans.

We are showing through our art that we really like them and we not dividing the species into groups. We think that everyone of us have the same right for living.

And yes,we are vegans...

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Riki has worked primarily in the world of publishing illustration. Since the beginning of his professional career in 2000 he has illustrated more than twenty books. He has done press illustrations, as well as coordinating the illustrations for many magazines. He co-founded and co-edited the illustrated magazine Garabattage in 2001, and founded and edited the publication project, Fràgil.

He has also created posters and book covers, as well worked as a graphic designer. He has illustrated CDs for some musical groups, worked on animation projects, created the scenery and designed the wardrobe for operas, and is the artistic consultant for a contemporary dance company.

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Eszter Ary gefallen neue Bilder
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Jodi Magi is a graphic designer, artist and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia.