Louise Heusinkveld

Louise's interests have always been concentrated on travel and the arts, in spite of her first career being spent entirely in the world of science. She is fortunate that her husband's career has taken her to far flung destinations and allowed many opportunities for world wide travel. She contributes her travel and nature images to several stock agencies, and her flower and garden imagery to a specialist garden agency.

Louise was born in the UK, and raised in Toronto, Canada. Louise's first career was in library and information management, working with scientific research companies in Canada, and then at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York. After her husband's career took them overseas, Louise held a number of short-term positions as a librarian, but since 2007 she has been a full-time freelance photographer. She is currently based in South Carolina, and travels frequently to world wide destinations including England, France, Malaysia, and Australia.

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  • Digital Art

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    While I am happy to enjoy most travel images as original photographs, occasionally I enjoy enhancing the mood or the vision by use of artistic digital techniques.

  • America

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    Stunning and varied landscapes and images of nature from the United States and Canada

  • Images of the UK

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    Varied images from all over England and Scotland. Landscapes, towns and villages, and birds make up this set.

  • The Natural World

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    Images of nature, including wildlife, animals and birds.

  • Interesting Things

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    These are things that took my fancy. Objects, found still life, varied subjects.

  • A European Journey

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    Images of Europe, landscapes and cityscapes, towns and villages.

  • Flowers and Trees

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    A selection of beautiful flowers and gardens from all over the world