Martin Matyas

Martin Matyas

I am not earning any money with photography, i almost never attend in some competitions. My photos spent their time mostly on my external disk but in some way i got the feeling, i have reached a bit success.

Well, since two years i do photographing, its not that much time but enough time to know why i chose this way and why i am carrying on.To centre this, photography has taken an big part of my life and there are just few moments where i am not thinking at it.

photography is more than a avocation or leaving some traces.its not only about expression its also to explore the small detail and amplify the senses. Photography is an form of art - and art is an form of expression. Thats how i define it.

Photography is even more than this, at least for myself.

Maybe, or i am quite sure that, we see the world with differnt eyes even as an hobby photographer. I found it very interesting and somehow funny when i mugged a photo from an spider with my 18-55 lens plus retro-adapter. In the same time i got the feeling that something is going quite wrong in this world if you consider that humans almost never give any attention to those creatures.

Sometimes i remember, when my eyes catch an sunset or sunrise, that we human walk blindly trough the world. As a matter of course i am still blind but i would assert that photography gave me back some piece of eyesight. The sun spreads the light across the fields, the trees and the landscapes and ceremonial it looks like the sun bears the last rays on every sunset.

But for most of us this is just usual. Cause why should we attend to something so ordinary an natural like a sunset?

Thats what i think.

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