sylvie  léandre

sylvie léandre

Artist from the island of Reunion, Sylvie Léandre photography painted and his inspiration, drawing its sources mainly in his fascination with wildlife that surrounded her throughout her life.

His first memories date back to the age of 4-5 years where she sees when she went to the beach with the family, pick up small round stones. She drew over flowers, butterflies or boats. 'I liked the white coral also paint with different colors' is she recalls. Having spent his childhood in a house surrounded by a garden which his grandparents were careful also, she said, played a lot in his artistic inspiration. In May 1985, at 14 years, Sylvie arrived in France. The scenery is total. This change of climate, culture, mentality it is somewhat difficult to live at the beginning: 'I was happy but I had more friends, of make my only experiences, evolve alone in life. '
It's about two years later that his taste for drawing will clarify and put a little more color in his life: 'Around the age of 16 years old and was given huge dictionary coming from school. He was destined to end in the trash with other ancient books. Inside there were also prints of plants and animals that no longer exist. I was fascinated by this and if I could get all the books, I would have. '
Adult, Sylvie began to paint. Just on paper first, then taste to use natural materials, such as a child, resurfaced. It then spread his landscapes, plants, on slates for covering roofs. Today she also counts among its glass creation drive, or items intended to be thrown away. Regarding the design, it is mainly plants that interest the artist. It draws heavily on the work of Basilius Bessler, physician and botanist known for his paintings of flowers, and Pierre-Joseph Redouté, Walloon painter
If Sylvie remains focused on the same themes in his paintings, she likes to multiply the styles and materials, whether through the abstract. The artist also key to photography. Equipped with his Nikon D90, she has traveled the country, including the Aubrac to keep image the beauty of fields and out of sight to the sky. She also like practice of taking macro pictures of small subjects: insects for example. 'It takes great patience to get a good shot insect, and do not be afraid to take 50 times the same photo. Approach gently so as not to scare the bee resting on a flower. Take a sharp picture of critters wonder as volatile as accurately as when I draw plants how to antique prints. 'But she has not finished trying new artistic techniques,' I'd like to try the technique of ebru, Turkish traditional art, and suminagashi, a native of Japan, which consist in marbling on paper by fixing the paint with water. '
After several exhibitions in France and especially in his own gallery . What are his plans now? 'I want to continue to paint, to photograph, to make exhibitions. I would like to gain some notoriety. 'All his accomplishments make a complete artist Sylvie Leandre and discover.

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